Monday, August 25, 2003

why hasn't panic hit me yet? this is the big question. in two weeks exactly i will be in the air and heading overseas. i get to belgium around 10am and have the day to sort out where i will be sleeping that night and for the next year. i kind of presumed the sirens would be going by now. however i am surprisingly calm and logical. of course for the last week my dreams have been crazy - so obviously my sub conscious knows something is up!

today is also the day i share my new webpage with the world... well with all of you anyway... i have no idea how successful it will be but i'm hoping that it might work as an alternative to emails - that way, if i send photos i won't have to worry that i'm using up memory in those hotmail accounts! plus bulk emails don't always get through to everyone. anyway if it doesn't work then i'll revert back to the email system. so either way - you will hear all about the adventures of bex...

take care :-)